Scenes Drawn from Life


Scenes drawn from life and an excerpt!

To create a scene, quite often authors draw on their life experiences and the emotions they felt at the time. That is how Katie O’Rourke’s “date” with Doctor Graham became a scene in The Prairie Doctor’s Bride.
When my husband took his first job as a school principal, he moved our family to a remote rural area in western Illinois. We rented a big, old farmhouse on a hill surrounded by fields of corn and wheat and woods, three miles from the town where he worked. The picture above is similar to the house, except the condition was much better! I enjoyed living in the country, but there was no hospital nearby for me to work in my profession as an obstetrical nurse. I took a position at the closest place ~ a nursing home. I didn’t last long. Those lovely elderly men and women reminded me too much of my grandparents — one of which had recently passed away. My emotions were frayed after only one day of working there.




That is the memory I drew on when I envisioned Katie O’Rourke and her past.
I’ve posted the excerpt HERE on the Sweet Americana Sweethearts Blog. 


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Release Day for The Prairie Doctor’s Bride!

It’s the official release day for The Prairie Doctor’s Bride!

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If you enjoyed the first book in the Oak Grove Series ~ Mail-Order Brides of Oak Grove,
I think you will really like The Prairie Doctor’s Bride!
It is a stand-alone book, but made more enjoyable by being a part of the Oak Grove Collection
and the wonderful people that make up the town of Oak Grove, Kansas!

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