Birthday Wishes!

Birthday Wishes

Although there are people who consider a birthday so close to Christmas to be unfortunate, I have NEVER felt that way.  When I was young, my folks always made a point to have a gift tucked away for me with birthday wrapping and it was fun to  know that I had my special day “off” from school. For me, having a December birthday every year has been like having a continual party from Christmas Eve until New Year’s Day ~ simply wonderful!

My dad was in the Navy when I was born and he has always said I was a bargain — costing him all of $1.25 at the Naval Hospital. From there he goes on to tell a few tales of when I was very young. (I’ll spare you the details!) I never tire of hearing him retell those stories because they shine like a new penny every time he brings them out and remembers them.

I remember one very special birthday as a child.Breyer Horses

When I was ten, I lived in San Diego, California in the city-proper. I was a horse-lover without a horse. I played with Breyer horses and other plastic horses more than with Barbies and other dolls. I knew we couldn’t have large animals in the city, but I’d found a place that gave riding lessons not too far away. I was absolutely thrilled when my parents made that my present even though it stretched the family budget quite a bit.

I still lovePeace horses — and of course cowboys and all things western, but nowadays, my wishes are much more intangible and precious. I wish for my sons to find purpose and passion in life and find joy. I wish to have loved ones near. And I wish for peace and good health for my family, friends and readers.

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Happy Birthday Petticoats and Pistols

Ride on over to Petticoats and Pistols today and wish the Fillies a happy birthday! A great drawing is happening to celebrate the blog being eight years old–all grown up in this day and age of blogging.