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This is the first blog hop that I’ve ever participated in so I hope that all the people involved have a fun time with it. The more you comment on this and the other blogs between today and the 24th, the more chance you have to win the grand prize of a $50 Amazon Gift Card! You will also be entered into a drawing for a signed copy of my newest release ~

Christmas Kiss from the Sheriff


But this post isn’t about Christmas (despite my book’s title!) this is about


The more seasoned I get (I like that better than the word “older,”) the more gratitude I feel for my blessings. My father has often said ~ “I’ve dodged a few bullets and been very lucky.” He says this even though he has had some very rough spots in life — to the point that his being here is nothing short of miraculous. I love that his attitude is gratitude in spite of those rough spots. It is my desire to keep hold of that outlook on life too.

Today I am grateful for my roots–the unconditional love and the example of my mother and father and grandparents. I can feel the inner strength it has given me and I can see it in my sister and brothers.

To enter the contest for a signed copy of my new release, Christmas Kiss from the Sheriff, and to be entered into the drawing for the grand prize ~ simply answer the question:

What are you grateful for?

Thanksgiving turkey

And may you be the recipient of many small sigkindnesses and blessings this Thanksgiving holiday!



Below is a listing of all the authors participating in the Turkey Trot Blog Hop! They write in all the sub-genres of romance, and perhaps you will discover a new author here that you might enjoy reading. I hope my readers will take a moment to check them out and comment on their blogs. Remember ~ it increases your chances of winning if you comment! I’ll post the winners here late Friday or you can go to Rose Gordon’s Website to learn who won.