My #1 Writing Advice

I am often asked for advice for aspiring writers… so I thought I’d give my thoughts on those breaking into the business…

#1:  Join a supportive writer’s group to help in the journey.

Early on, I was part of a small critique group that helped hone my writing skills in a “safe” environment. I learned to take criticism, to analyze my writing from different angles, and to brainstorm. That was the best—those brainstorming sessions.

#2:  Let people know that you are a writer if you wish–but don’t go into detail about your story. Hold the vision inside a bit to let it percolate and strengthen. Telling your story dilutes the impetus to keep pushing ahead with the writing of it and may make you stall out. (I realized this through trial and error. This may also be an introvert’s reasoning and not applicable to extroverts.)

Best wishes to all aspiring writers. It’s a fantastic, consuming creative journey…