Huge sale of Harlequin eBooks!

Harlequin is hHarlequin ebook saleaving a huge eBook sale!  This includes four of my books! So if you haven’t read any of these, you can buy them now before the price goes back up!

My listed books are ~

The Angel and the Outlaw

The Rebel and the Lady

Texas Wedding for their Baby’s Sake

Wild West Christmas

Go to to find your other favorite authors and see which eBooks they have at this great sale price!  All major eBook retailers are participating!


September is Conference Time!

ACFW brochere

Conference guidebook

I just returned from the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference that was held this year in Dallas, Texas. It was a whirlwind of workshops, being updated on the publishing industry, re-connecting with writer friends and meeting new ones. Fresh new faces and voices are making their way onto the scene which is always exciting.

My Harlequin books do not carry a faith thread, but I find the ACFW conference a fantastic resource. I also feel most comfortable with this wonderful group of writers.

Barbara & Kathryn in historical garb

Genre dinner night

The first evening a genre dinner is held, where authors are encouraged to dress the part of one of their characters. It is a fun ice-breaker and conversation starter. This is a picture of me in a Victorian shop-keepers garb–a character from my new Western coming out in December. (Familiar Stranger in Clear Springs) Perhaps the hat is a bit too fancy with the netting…I’m beginning to think I have very little fashion sense (and my current hairstyle does not lend itself to the 1800s!)  The woman standing with me is a good friend and writes Biblical fiction and so is dressed in B.C. style.

Panel with Seymour Agnecy sibs & Mary Sue Seymour

Panel discussion on What to do when your manuscript is rejected

I participated in a panel with my agent, Mary Sue Seymour, and a few other Seymour Agency authors. At first I balked…the books I have had published are historical western romance–not Christian fiction–and because of that I didn’t think anyone would want to hear what I had to say. But the topic was what to do when your manuscript is rejected and I do know something about that. Although a few authors have the first manuscript they submit accepted for publication, that is not the norm. I came the “normal” route, and had a few pearls of wisdom that I could pass on to new writers. A lot of it has to do with persistence and continuing to refine the craft of writing. It is always a comfort to hear the “war stories” of bigger writers…J.K.Rowling and John Grisham…and know that their first manuscripts were also rejected a number of times.

Friends at conference

Enjoying friends at conference

I was happy to learn that Westerns are as big as ever in this crazy publishing business! Readers love them, publishers want them, and the writers who enjoy writing them have a wonderful future! How is that for good news! There is just something about the American West, the cowboy, and wide-open spaces that calls to people. In an industry where things come and go (remember Chick Lit?), Westerns are here to stay.






Happy Birthday Petticoats and Pistols

Ride on over to Petticoats and Pistols today and wish the Fillies a happy birthday! A great drawing is happening to celebrate the blog being eight years old–all grown up in this day and age of blogging.


Romance Panel

The Joy of Romance!

The Joy of Romance!

Come enjoy a fun-filled afternoon and meet your favorite authors! You will get a chance to ask those questions that have been burning inside ~ Where do you get your inspiration? Why do you write romance? What is your favorite thing about being a romance author? Is it really all about the tiara? (Just kidding!)





If you are in the area, I would love to see you there! Stop by and say hi!



Why I Read Historicals…

TodayWhyIReadHistoricals is the day that readers and writers get to chime in on why they like historical novels!

It made me think ~

For me historicals are an escape to a simpler time. Westerns especially tend to be morality plays and I like that. I love to think that the Code of the West really meant something. And that cowboys are the knights of America. (Okay – probably very much a fairytale, but hey – a gal can dream!) I also enjoy learning history and having it couched in a good story makes it all the more enjoyable.

How about you?  Any thoughts?


WisRWA Write Touch 2015


Quickly approaching is the Wisconsin Romance Writers annual conference known as the Write Touch Conference. This year it will be in Milwaukee and dovetail with Barbara Vey’s Readers Luncheon! There will be lots of rubbing elbows with famous writers ~ Eloisa James, Mary Buckham, and of course, many agents and editors! If you are in the area April 24th, I hope you will stop by the Friday night book signing at the Clarion Hotel! I would love to meet you!