Review of the Frog Prince: A Fun Twist on an old Tale

I have loved fairy tales since I was small. It’s probably why, after reading all the ones in the Red Fairy Tale Book and the Blue Fairy Tale Book, I graduated to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis and then on to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. Lately though, I’ve been reading a lot of very heavy non-fiction and biographies. So, in recently discovering Jenni James and her individually unique take on classic fairy tales has been a ray of whimsy in an otherwise serious and practical stack of books. Even her book cover is enchanting!

The Frog Prince (Faerie Tale Collection, #8)The Frog Prince by Jenni James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes I just enjoy pure fantasy and fun in the midst of all the strife and seriousness of the world today. This take on the Frog Prince fairy tale by Jenni James was a pure delight to read. Fast-paced, unique in its twists, and sparkling dialogue–I enjoyed it so much! Escape-reading to be sure. Recommended for anyone in need of a break from reality!

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Bonhoeffer – A Review

One nice thing about finishing a contract with my publisher, is that it allows me time to read a few books on my TBR (To Be Read) shelf. I first heard of the man Dietrich Bonhoeffer a year ago, and from then on his name seemed to come up frequently. Everything about him fascinated me and so I knew I had to read Eric Metaxas biography on this man as soon as I was done writing my last book. I just finished and here is my take on this book…

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, SpyBonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Powerful biography of a fascinating man and his life. The methodical illumination by the author of Bonhoeffer’s love for Germany and for God and the conflict brought about by Hitler’s regime that threatened everyone until he felt he had to make a stand, gave me new insight into the harrowing times and also into this intelligent, thoughtful, insightful man. His life was an example and challenge to move beyond complacency in one’s faith walk and strive for a deeper relationship with God and then put faith into action.

I wish I’d had the chance to meet him in person. What a humble hero! I highly recommend this biography.

“If it is I who determines where God is to be found, then I shall always find a God who corresponds to me in some way, who is obliging, who is connected with my own nature. But if God determines where he is to be found, then it will be in a place which is not immediately pleasing to my nature and which is not all congenial to me. This place is the Cross of Christ. And whosever would find him must go to the foot of the Cross, as the Sermon on the Mount commands. This is not according to our nature at all, it is entirely contrary to it. But this is the message of the Bible, not only in the New but also in the Old Testament.” [Dietrich Bonhoeffer]

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Review on Lone Heart Pass

Lone Heart Pass by Jodi Thomas

My take on

Lone Heart Pass

by Jodi Thomas


I just finished reading Lone Heart Pass by Jodi Thomas. The book was a gift from the RWA2016 Conference in San Diego.

First…the blurb from the back cover:

With a career and a relationship in ruins, Jubilee Hamilton is left reeling from a fast fall to the bottom. The run-down Texas farm she’s inherited is a far cry from the second chance she hoped for, but it and the abrasive foreman she’s forced to hire are all she’s got.

Every time Charley Collins has let a woman get close, he’s been burned. So Lone Heart ranch and the contrary woman who owns it are merely a means to an end, until Jubilee tempts him to take another risk—to stop resisting the attraction drawing them together despite all his hard-learned logic.

Desperation is all young Thatcher Jones knows. And when he finds himself mixed up in a murder investigation, his only protection is the shelter of a man and woman who—just like him—need someone to trust.


I’ve become a bit jaded lately and unable to enjoy a book because it sounds like so many other books I’ve read. It was with this attitude that I started Lone Heart Pass along with a heavy dose of trepidation. I was extremely relieved (and delighted!) to know that my fears were unfounded when it came to this story. Although the initial set-up is tried and true about a woman who inherits a run-down ranch, the rest is delightfully original all the way to young Thatcher who catches rattlers and other snakes for money to survive.

Jodi Thomas has done it again! 5 stars for this book that made me root for the characters! Oh my–I was chuckling out loud at some of the unique, delightful turn-of-phrases by the quirky characters. I wanted to meet them all in real life–they are so interesting and original. The relationship between Jubilee and Charlie, starting out first as employer to employee and then changing slowly through mutual respect to friendship and then love, along with Thatcher’s growth is done skillfully and winningly by Ms. Thomas.

I highly recommend this book. Please write another Ms. Thomas!


Review ~ Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl

Review of Becoming MoreKathryn’s Review

Becoming More 
than a Good Bible Study Girl

by Lysa TerKeurst

Lysa TerKeurst has written a timely message to Christians to help them grow in their daily walk.
In an engaging, heart-felt, transparent style she encourages a deeper walk with Jesus and God.
She supports her message with scripture passages that resonate and challenge the believer to step to a higher level of commitment.
Not just to read and study, not just to be a “Sunday Christian” but to do and act.
And in acting and trusting, to be prepared for a closer, more intimate walk with God.

Her examples of her struggles and how she applied scripture and biblical truths to her own life were inspiring.


Review ~ A Lady’s Guide to Skirting Scandal

ReviewsKathryn’s Reviews 

A Lady’s Guide to Skirting Scandal

by Kelly Bowen

Kelly Bowen has written a witty, short romance about a very precocious Lady Viola. Over a sea voyage from England to New York, Lady Viola is so bored that she actually must come to terms with her life and what she wishes for her future…besides a duke. Enter the ship’s surgeon.

I was given this short story to read when I volunteered to judge for a writing contest. Be warned that this does have an “open door” bedroom scene. I would rate it “R” for that purpose. 

The author has a way with her words that was thoroughly delightful.
It was the witty bantering back and forth between the hero and heroine that made the short story so engaging for me.