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I grew up in San Diego, California, the daughter of a Navy “fly-boy.” Albright_Kathryn_Color_Closeup_For-Internet
My mother restored antique dolls. I read. A lot. I loved stories of all 

kinds — classics, fairy tales, and historical novels. I also loved riding
horses, hiking the trails in nearby state and national parks, and
at Mission Beach.

In college I wanted a career that made a difference, so I studied and
received my degree in nursing. (May I just say that nursing is one place
where creative writing is not appreciated when it comes to describing
wounds or symptoms. 
Trust me on that!

My first published article was a non-fiction piece in a nursing magazine. I soon realized that 
writing about my job was too much like living in my scrubs 24/7. Since I loved reading fiction, I
entered a short story in Redbook Magazine’s fiction contest. Wonder of wonders, it placed! With
that encouragement, I started my first novel. Fast-forward over some bumps and set-backs until
I finally sent The Light Keeper to Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Contest. It made 
the finals and Harlequin Ltd. picked it up for publication, changing the title to The Angel and
the Outlaw.

I started writing because I loved to read, especially stories that included the strand of faith.
I feel fortunate to be able to write and share stories about regular people who face their
challenges with nothing but integrity, hope, and guts. It is my hope that my stories entertain,
inspire, and resonate…






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