Wild Montana SkyI just finished reading Wild Montana Sky by Debra Holland and thought I’d post my review.

From the back cover blurb:

“Stepping off the train in Sweetwater Springs, Montana, Elizabeth Hamilton is filled with relief, nerves and the thrill of hope. Life on her dear friend’s ranch will be very different than Gilded Age Boston’s high society. But at least here, Elizabeth is far from her spiteful sister-in-law and the bittersweet memories of her late fiance.

Nick Saunders has loved Elizabeth since he first glimpsed her portrait–not that he dare admit it. A ranch hand has no call to woo a well-born lady, especially when she is being courted by the town’s finest gentleman. Yet there’s something in her mix of courage and compassion that won’t let Nick quit.”


Loved this sweet, enjoyable story! The tender respect and the constancy of love shown by Nick, the hero is sigh-worthy and yet at times I thought he was almost too perfect. Considering Elizabeth’s background, I could understand her hesitancy at accepting him as her equal. It was a joy to watch her growth from a Boston high-society maiden who had everything done for her and who had been groomed to marry a rich man, to a competent flesh and blood woman who could handle herself and adapt to the rugged land of Montana. The story came to a head in an exciting conclusion that I didn’t want to put down. I’d happily recommend Wild Montana Sky to readers who enjoy a gentle heartwarming romance. It would be fun to see this made into a movie!