A Little About Me ~


I greAlbright_Kathryn_Color_Closeup_For-Internetw up in San Diego, California, the daughter of a Navy “fly-boy,”
so I guess you could say thatI was a “Navy Brat” (in the  best sense
of the word, Dad.) My mother restored antique dolls and is known
world-wide in “doll” circles. I loved the Sunday afternoon trips we
made as a family to the Point Loma Lighthouse and the tide pools
below. It’s no wonder I set my first book there.

Much to my mother’s dismay, I never shared her love for dolls.
Stories were my passion. And puzzles.
As a child, I loved to  do puzzles — hidden picture, jigsaw, mazes.

I was encouraged to write in earnest when I entered a magazine contest and placed with a
contemporary short story. With  the demands of my growing family and full-time work as a
nurse/sonographer, I stalled a number of times.  When I finally sent The Light Keeper to the
2005 Golden Heart Contest, it made the finals (out of 1000 entries!) Although it did not win,
Harlequin Ltd. picked it up for publication, changing the title to The Angel and the Outlaw.

I realize now, that stories are a type of puzzle too—a jigsaw that is not complete until I get that
last piece, that last word, to fit perfectly. I feel so fortunate to be able to write and share these
stories about regular people who face their challenges with nothing but hope, integrity and guts.
I hope they entertain and inspire and resonate…


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